AM2 Naval Architecture - Antibes, France

During the spring of 2004, I worked with a French Naval Architecture firm called AM2 to help complete the design of an 11m catamaran fishing-boat.

Designed to be built using the standard construction techniques of a local shipyard, this 20.5 tonne aluminum vessel was a significant addition to the slowly growing fleet of commercial fishing cats currently operating off the South Coast of France, as it filled a niche that was not yet occupied. The design brief for the vessel was for “a vessel built to Bureau Veritas (BV) rules and within federal regulations for French fisherman, with a large working deck, and outfitted to permit overnight trips”.

Working in a small team, I was responsible for general and structural layouts at the preliminary and detailed design stages, weight estimates, general aesthetics, and some machinery layouts. A large part of my responsibility was also in helping with coordinating the industrialization of the design; how AM2 would create files to be used for laser-cutting of aluminum sheets, as well as how we would communicate bend/forming information to the shipyard.

This vessel was designed completely in 3d using Rhino, with Autocad for preliminary work and drawings, and with hull fairing and hydrostatics happening in the Maxsurf suite of software. All communication was in French, my non-native second language!